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Would you rather grow old with someone you "settled" for, or be alone when you are older because you didn't find true love?

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I'd rather be alone and happy, than pretend to be happy with somebody I don't like.

I hope to never get to a point that I want to settle. I would rather be alone and live my life and be happy. I'm hoping that I have found my true love but time will tell.

Alone..but I know that won't happen since I'm with my soulmate

I would rather be alone for the rest of my life. But with how this relationship is going i hope it wouldn't come to this.

Irrelevant. I hopefully get to grow old with the love of my life.

I dont really know.

I'd rather grow old.

I have found my love so I guess I am now ready to grow old with her and don't have to settle ;).

Be with the girl I am with now.


Be alone

Be alone

be alone

Alone I don't settle.

por supuesto que envejecer con alguién, es una pregunta tonta

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