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Would you rather grow old with someone you "settled" for, or be alone when you are older because you didn't find true love?

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Doesn't apply to me. I am with my soul mate! He is the only one I'd want to be with. The question I had to resolve was: would I rather be with someone who can share all his time with me, but doesn't treat me well - or with someone who is wonderful but doesn't have nearly as much time for me? I have resolved that. I'll take the one who is wonderful but has less time for me. Life isn't perfect. I love my husband. Xxxooo

Defo be alone

I'd rather be alone than to just settle

Prefiero envejecer solo.... Creo. Aunque eso en la vida real rara vez ocurre.

I would rather be alone, instead of the cat lady I would be the dog lady. lol

Great question. I am lucky that I have found my true love, however, if I had not, I would not want to be all alone. The truth is that many people find all sorts of companionship in their twilight years so as not to be all alone which I find to be a death sentence in itself. Many people are too idealistic and say they would never "settle," but I do not think it is settling at all.

I've found my true love already.

I would rather be alone In this case. It's better to be with the one you truely love and can't live without rather than somebody you just "settle" for.

I would rather grow old by myself. It wouldn't be fair to the other person to be with someone for so long that didn't fully appreciate them.

Why settle? Be happy with yourself and live life.
Be with someone I settled for. I don't want to be alone. Settling is being with someone who "i dont mind being around" so it doesnt mean they r a bad person.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Jan 29, 2015

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Be alone

Si no te hubiera encontrado, preferiría estar sola que con alguien sólo por miedo a la soledad

I'd rather be alone and half way happy than be miserable with someone I don't love.

I don't "settle" and am lucky enough to be with the right one already.

Be alone

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