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What are three qualities you wish you had?

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I wish I was more of a go getter in my life, follow through with anything I start and not stop or give up, I wish I loved myself more, I wish I knew what to say to make anyone smile.

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More patience, slightly less jealous, and maybe two more inches taller!

More patience, less controlling and more extroverted

Calm minded.
I don't really have a third?

I honestly don't know if there are qualities I wish I had. I know I want to be more knowledgable in certain things. Hmmmm maybe a little tougher I know I'm a little sensitive sometimes.

no ser tan impulsiva, controlar mi carácter, tener mejor carácter, ser más maduro

Tall confident and immortality

Hair, a bit more muscle, and a little taller

Courage, strength and to be more social

More confidence, relinquish the need to control my surroundings, survive on four hours sleep.

More drive, more courage, more empathy

I wish I were a little stronger, that my body would not have tendinitis or weird muscle problems so that I was not limited in my sports ambitions.
For the rest, I have come to accept my qualities and defaults so I won't wish I was someone else. I try to work on my defaults but it takes time.

Patience, Courage, and Strength.

The ability to not get hurt
The ability to have no expectations
Patience and trust in God's plans

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