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In what way do your partner's strengths make up for your weaknesses?

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She kind of judges people for lack of a better phrase I try to give people benefit of the doubt

You are excellent with written words and I have struggled all my life. Thank you for helping me and teaching me.
Thank you :)
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, ID, US | Feb 17, 2014

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he is negative - i am positive - he has a more realistic view of things and people sometimes - i try to always believe the best in people, we have patience in different areas of life -

Michelle motivational strength helps push me when im not feeling motivated. She's gets me fired up when im sluggish and I love that about her

She smart to fix my words

He's made me a more outgoing person

Her financial strengths make up for my lack of saving for future.

I am stubborn, I think I can do everything on my own - he is a caring person that makes sure I know I don't have to do anything by myself. He is very Supportive!

In every way possible. We compliment each other perfectly. When I'm stressed, he's calm. When I'm in a rush, he helps me slow down. When I'm worrying about the little things, he helps me see the big picture. When I'm cleaning the house, he asks me to come back to bed. When I'm self conscious, he makes me feel beautiful. This list could go on forever.
You're lucky.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NJ, US | Nov 09, 2013

Male, 21-25 years, Dating, WA, US | Dec 23, 2013

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She is more compassionate and selfless... She helps me to think about others more than myself..

He is a logical thinker , I tend to think emotionally . So sometimes I need him to show me how I need to take a step back

She's assertive, I'm not. She's friendly and I'm shy. She doesn't care what others think, I do.

He has a way of seeing the good when I see the bad.

Many ways. He's so smart in certain areas that I lack in. He's outspoken and social. Whereas I'm a little reserved and a bit anti. He's helped me to be more social and come out of my shell.

He has a strong family foundation and comes from a much more stable and educated community. It allows him to be more secure with family and financial decisions. He is also very good at completing a task even when chaos is surrounding. I tend to freeze and procrastinate if something looks overwhelming waiting for the right steam to proceed.

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