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Does your heart tend to rule your head, or the other way around?

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Heart!!! I know when things are bad for me but if I want them then I want them


My mind can always be changed. Any time my heart has had something put together, I've always followed it and always felt that it was the right thing to do.

Yes for sure

My heart ❤️

Heart, I tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

Heart wins (make stupid mistakes thanks to that)


I balance them both against each other to stay logical

My heart rules my head. My bf is the other way around. Opposites and all that stuff, right? 😋


idk. I think my heart does usually rule my head. 😇

Usually my head rules, but occasionally the heart will win out over reason, so you can never rule it out

When it comes to my relationship my heart rules my head. I wish it were more balanced but it isn't. However, when it comes to my job I can usually remain pretty balanced with it.

My heart always wins although I try to consult with my head :)

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