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Is it healthy to keep secrets from your partner?

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No, no es sano, a la larga, perjudica la relación.

No, I believe in honesty and open communication. There is one exception thou...

No, I don't think so. He would find out everything eventually. It's better to just be open and honest from the get-go.

it is in terms of keeping to yourself some inner and privacy thoughts, however it is definitely not when those secrets take part into the reality and affect the terms and compromise you have managed and agreed with your partner

No it isn't..

No not only does it hurt your partner because most of the time in relationships secrets reveal themselves eventually but you also have to deal with guilt and how that guilt In turn affects how you interact with your partber, possibily causing a lot more trouble due to defesiveness causeing either by withdrawing emotionally or sometimes responding with unwarranted agression out of fear of being found out. If your love for ur partner is genuine I don't see u would want to do things that u would fe

Not at all, we share everything between each other.

Yes, i think it's healthy keep secrets from my partner

In some cases

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no because it can ruin your relationship

No, unless it's something you are trying to surprise them with, like a present. Something they will like/enjoy.


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