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Is it healthy to keep secrets from your partner?

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Only not important ones, nothing that's could damage the relationship

No pero hay ocasiones que no debes contar todo

Si, siempre que el diga que no lo quiere contar tengo que respetar

For me keeping secrets is not healthy for a relationships.You should be open to your partner about your feelings,what you want to achieve etc.

Yes and no. Yes if it's something that that's really personal and won't affect your relationship in any way. Now if you kept a secret like you cheated, and they found out by some other means, then that's a breach of trust, it's sometimes better to just tell the truth no matter the outcome. It shows integrity and honesty.
Agreed. If it's something that would affect our relationship, the truth is always the best. Honesty builds trust.
Female, 41-50 years, Dating | Sep 05, 2017

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Pues secretos no pero no se tiene que saberlo todo




Yes, i think it's healthy keep secrets from my partner

Generally no.

No, speaking from experience. I now know here isn't anything I couldn't tell him.

no secrets are not healthy

no because it can ruin your relationship

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