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What one aspect of yourself would you like to improve? How could your partner help?

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all of me :) he need to beside me to make me perfectly

My temper.

communicating what I need so it does not build up inside to make me frustrated, snippy, sad, fearful, anxious or worried ... he could help me by asking me why I am doing something or behaving in a way he does not like, there is always a reason and it would remind me there are healthier ways to express what I am thinking or feeling

My emotions, the way I change moods all the time, and she can't, it's something I've always had and just need better control of it

Following through with things I say I'll do. He can just continue to motivate and push me like he has been doing.

My diet. I eat way too much junk food. Dint give me any junk food lol

Dwelling and overanalyzing trivial things that I have no control over is something i'd like to change. I drive myself crazy over nothing at times. He already helps me by being so very supportive and understanding. I also would like to do a better job of staying on top of household chores. He is great at that so he inspires me to improve❤️
Well I'm really hard on myself at times, and rather than watch me beet myself up over things, she finds ways to to turn it positive and encourage me to push harder, I love that about u❤️
Male, 36-40 years, Dating | Jan 20, 2016

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I'd like to improve my self confidence. I'd like to get out of my own head so that I can be more authentic and less afraid. She does help. She helps more than I can ever tell her. She helps by complimenting me, by challenging me, and by encouraging me.

I hope to be a stronger person emotionally and to be less depressed and more happy. It would help if my partner gave me more patience and encouragement. I need a listening ear whom I can feel 100% myself and that she's not judging me and will love me for who I am.

i wish my insecurity would stop making me take everything to heart. patience and transparency helps

Like to be less negative. He always helps by calling me on it and pushing me to ligthen up.

My weight. He's already been helping by trying to make sure I stay on track and comforting me when I feel down.

My jealousy
Can't help that lol I have jealousy too
Male, <20 years, Dating | Sep 29, 2015

Ik lol
Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Sep 30, 2015

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I want to stop procrastinating at times when I should be taking more initiative on things at times. I've been doing better but I enjoy when she pushes me, and doesn't nag. I suppose it's because I want to be better for her.

necesito ayuda

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