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What would you like to ban or outlaw in your relationship?

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Long distance!
Long distance, and the sooner the better :)
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, NY, US | Jan 15, 2016

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Anything longer than a week apart and nail biting.

Long distance haha

I would like to ban remaining silent when something is wrong. We should always talk about things that bother us or that make us sad. But usually, when we are mad at each other, we would just go Cold War on the other one. I would like to avoid that.

Long distance... it is so incredibly difficult and I feel like he will secretly grow to resent me.

Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

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I would love to ban no communication.

nunca he prohibido nada, aunque soy celoso

Disrespect. No matter how mad. I never want to feel belittled or play a game of "who can care less".

Distance. WE WILL SOON

Barriers aka walls, would love to be able to just love her unconditionally

Negativity! Low self esteem, pride, barriers!
el orgullo y la desconfianza
Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Feb 05, 2016

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The importance of airports.

Cheating, being disrespectful,

Cheating or dishonesty or changing into a jerk but I know none of this will ever happen.

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