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What's one of the best decisions you've ever made?

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Well I have several. Tom become a mother, four times. I couldn't imagine my life without them. An I wouldn't be the woman I am today if I didn't have them. An to go after the one I truly loved and wanted more than anything. I'm so thankful for him. Truly blessed.

To talk to you.

to have children

Deciding to take Mel out on a date for the first time. She sat beside me where we were eating and had the most beautiful smile, she was critiquing herself a little bit and I was thinking the whole time, "this woman really doesn't know how absolutely beautiful she is!" I was astounded by what was encompassed in this woman.

Double taping a tbh picture 😏😘🔐

Asking more questions. Then kissing her.

Giving my life to Jesus. Without following Him I would not have been led to you.
So very true, as I can say the same my love
Male, 36-40 years, Dating, CA, US | Dec 14, 2015

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Moving to Portland :)

Snack every week

Swiping yes lol

To reply to this lame kid that messaged me on Tinder.

To go out on the 31st December 2013.

Making dinner plans with TY :] I think we figured out Friday would work for both of us. We may have made the plans on a Monday or Tuesday so I had the whole week to get nervous about it. 😆 We texted a lot all week so I was excited for Friday to finally get here. 😋

Saying yes to go for drinks on my very first Friday at Park, who knows what would have happened if I never went

Taking a chance to fall for someone on another continent and allowing myself to just feel what I'm feeling and not think about the obstacles that will come with it

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