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What's the craziest thing you have done in the name of love?

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Not sure yet

Break a fuck ton of rules just to be together
Yes haha true for you
Male, <20 years, Dating | Sep 29, 2015

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Sneaking out, running away from school, lying

And the Cheesy Award goes to..... ^^^
Male, 36-40 years, Dating, CA, US | Dec 14, 2015

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Haven't given up when there's not a single reason to stay other than the fact that I love him.

Wrote about it in a public justin bieber journal.

Everything about love is crazy, especially thinking about spending the rest of my life with a man who lives halfway around the world. But he is absolutely worth it too! ;)

Waited for a very long time for a man I have spent 2 nights with :)

Long distance but so worth it

Having and maintaining a Long distance relationship. It is one of the most painful times I have experienced but also a very special and extra loving time

Considered moving for them

Waited for a very long time cos I knew she was the one.

Idk lol

Being long distance all for and with the man I love

long distance!!!! but you're so worth it babe. the miles between us make me love you even more. if we can make it through this I know we will make it through anything :)

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