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All natural or Brazilian?

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I like it bald



Shaved, neat and clean.

Both, alternating, as long as it's not stubble. Amirite?
Male, 26-30 years, Dating | Jan 14, 2016

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can easily go both ways and enjoy them all the same.
Brazilians look like baby vaginas. it's weird and uncomfortable.
Female, <20 years, Married | Mar 25, 2016

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All natural

Depends on how much energy I have, and a real man doesn't care or probably notice.

Brazilian is good... But sometimes friction burns sucks ass. So I'm totally ok with trimmed too.

really depends on how much time and energy I've got. Brazilian, trimmed, full bush... its clean an fuckable.

All natural. I used to like girls that would use a lot of make up, they usually look very pretty, but in the end what you want is someone who doesn't need to disguise herself all the time. I love my fiancée for that. She doesn't wear too much make up and I find her even more beautiful without. Sometimes she would surprise me and dress herself up but that is just bonus, this is not what I would always want.

I am -so- not into the 80's jungle bush. If I could afford it (and had someone to watch the kiddos during the appt) would regularly get a Brazilian done.

What is that mean ? I am Asian !! I am not Brazilian .

Gone for me. I don't like a man bald down there. I want him to look like a man. But a well trimmed man!!! :)

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