We're hiring

We're a young, seed-funded startup based in San Francisco bay area. We've been involved in companies like PayPal and YouTube in the past in UX, Product, Content, and Engineering roles. What we do here at theicebreak will have a direct impact on people's happiness.

We're using technology in new ways to tackle complex psychological and emotional problems for the real world. Some of the tools we use are Python (pylons), Javascript (jQuery), MySQL, Solr and Redis.

Why work with us?

We solve real world problems. Your code will bring people happiness.
We are focused and fast. You will be talking with your friends about their thoughts on something you implemented within 3 hours of joining us.

We use tools that make sense. We follow the common sense approach to software engineering.

We are very focused on developer productivity. It takes 30-60 seconds to commit a piece of code and push it live on all the machines.
    $ git commit -a
    $ pushlive

About you

You must be passionate about technology and have a natural curiosity about how things work. You must be able to learn things on the fly and pick technologies up as needed.

Key Requirements

  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent experience to prove you don't need it
  • Strong understanding of core computer science concepts
  • Experience in developing complex web applications a plus
  • You must be a generalist and be able to pick up any front end/back end technologies as required


Mobile Engineer

  • All of the above key requirements plus
  • Knowledge of Objective C or Android SDK a plus
  • You must have built a mobile app in the past or prove the ability to do so

Product Engineer

  • All of the above key requirements plus
  • Experience in web technologies—LAMP, Amazon EC2/S3, Javascript a plus
  • Python (or other high level) programming experience a plus
  • Experience in recommendation systems, NLP, or machine learning a plus

Interested? Send us an email at work@theicebreak.com