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If money was no object, how would you show love to your partner?

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We would travel the world together volunteering. Probably open some animal shelters, n spend many months a year in our rv. Not work for money but to help people. Put all our kids through college, but spend every minute we could stand each other together. Id probably have to have a camper trailer to tow behind for her friend t, that alone would be the ily's of a million years!!

I would offer a travel to a destination far away from here :)

Pay off his car and take us both for a year long holiday. I wouldn't make him yomp for miles in the heat or get up early to go to the gym!

travel the world together

Buy him a new truck.
Take him to Ireland.
Get matching tattoos.
Quit my job to keep up with the house. ..and...
Support his trucking business.

:) I would buy him a pen that he has been looking for a long while...then travel everywhere with him :)

A trip around the world with stops in Africa, China, India and Bora Bora among others.

Give him a hug.

I would be spending more time with her, traveling to far away places with her and getting her even more gifties.

Vacations. Getting to spend quality time together.

I would surprise her by blindfolding her, driving us both to the airport and not taking it off till we were on the plane to Thailand

I would take a six month trip around the world with him, starting with a week in Ireland.

I don't need money to show love and I do spend $ on her.

Steal her pain away

I would buy her a bank full of money

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