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How do you handle conflict in your relationship?

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Taint tongue tickling

Talk them out

I think wedo ok. Sometimes it's hard cus I don't know if he is listening cus he won't respond.

Lately not very well. :(
Nope, that's true. Too little time together, too much resistance and expectation lead to crunchy times. We have faced large conflicts in the past and gotten through them, so perhaps we can return to that one day.
Male, >50 years, Domestically Partnered, CA, US | Apr 21, 2014

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By using communication. The only way that works
Baby you're so mature, I wanna marry you already LOL
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Apr 26, 2014

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We talk about most of the issues that are bothering us. Because we are pretty open

It sounds REALLY odd, but we've had no major conflicts thus far. I like to think this is because our tastes, wants & values are so similar. We've actually discussed that WHEN IT DOES, we will talk things through rationally and agreed to not go to bed angry. I think having a plan helps with peace of mind.

on too many occasions and continually decreasing I handle conflicts with a lot. of drama and childish immaturity, but I always circle back either that day or the next.

we talk. we compromise

Honestly but it is hard. I don't like conflict and rarely say things the way I mean them so it usually makes things worse.

We don't have much conflict but we try to talk things out

She's always right! I try to live by that. But it depends on the issue, I may get very angry n throw a hissy fit!! Lol

I like to talk things over. Fighting is good in some sense. He doesn't handle conflict. Ever
I try to avoid it. But I know I need to hit a little more head on
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Apr 24, 2014

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Clearly not very well.

I have no problem letting her know when I am angry but go silent and don't want to say anything when I am hurt.

I feel like my other half claims up and goes into the silent treatment and then takes it out in other ways. Just how I feel anyways
I don't want to hurt you so I clam up
Female, >50 years, Married, Gay, IA, US | Apr 22, 2014

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Probably not well I guess

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