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How do you handle conflict in your relationship?

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Talk about things

I think we are conflict-avoidant and that worries me.

Not as well as I should

Hmmm...this one is definitely not agreed upon between hubby and I...any and all conflict, I want to discuss/talk it out in hopes of both parties truly UNDERSTANDING one another and what the other is actually upset about.

We just talk everything out that way we know where each other stands on the issue

we talk until we're laughing about it.

We fight, sometimes it ends in tears (usually mine), at worst there'll be some sarcasm, yelling, or cold-shouldering...but we're taking steps to get better.

It depends. We talk about it...although the communication isn't great or optimal.

Depends on my mood

Text through one of our secret pages. That way if we are angry we don't have to directly speak to one another

i try to talk about things when possible, and if that doesn't work, then we just have some alone time to think things over by ourselves and to help calm down

We talk and try to solve the issue

Talking about it. I don't like exiting the conflict when the conflict is still on.

It is really difficult. At the beggining of the relationship we handled conflict by yelling at each other and saying offensive things. Now, we respect each other more, we try to understand the other's point of view and we say I'm sorry when we make mistakes

Sounds about right

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