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What would you want your last meal to be?

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tandoori chicken and a lot of whiskey...
Awww hell yeah.
Female, 31-35 years, Dating, NE, US | Sep 25, 2011

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Immortality tonic.
Too funny!
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, CA, US | Sep 26, 2011

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prime rib with au jus, garlic smashed potatoes, baby carrots,a big bold galss of heavy cab sav, creme brulee with raseberries for dessert with a cappicino with chocolate shavings

I think it would consist of chinese food, italian food, and lots of ice cream. I love eating...but more importantly just spending time with loved ones!!

Anything delicious as long as it was with you.

If it was with you, it wouldn't matter ;D

It would involve cheesecake, I'll tell you tha

I hope I will not know when my last meal will be and also that I will have already have tasted all kinds of food around the world.

A big plate of Indian food, and a side of Afghani pumpkin. And a giant pot of chai.
Mouth currently watering.
Female, 31-35 years, Dating, NE, US | Sep 25, 2011

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Chili Dog

A Chicago style hot dog and cheese fries. Yum.


All dressed pizza (dbl mushrooms) w/ garlic dipping sauce.

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