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What would you want your last meal to be?

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Porterhouse steak

Cookies, and tea.

Chicken Biryani and Chicken curry. Then jeera rice and dal. And then a gigantic ice cream.

It better be a long time from now

We've talked about this before, but I would want just a single grain of rice, like Buddha had either just before or just after (think before) he went into the mediation that led to his enlightenment. And I would enjoy the heck out of that single bit of rice.

Uhm... Chik-fil-a's hot brown followed by straight fries with a vanilla shake. Yum.

A Chipotle burrito.
It should be bacon
Male, 36-40 years, Married | Mar 19, 2013

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Protein ;)
But first avocados and bacon and cheesecake and freshly baked bread with real butter and salchipapas and carrot cake and chocolate and hag and daazs ice cream and peanut butter and pickled onions and a huge steak and steak potatos and ooooh so many things please don't make me decide hahaha

Some sushi and meat:)

Corned beef and cabbage

i want my boyfriend to blindfold me and feed me a salad with almonds cranberries, cheeses and little bits of chicken or fish all with a vinigrette. As he feeds me we'd purr to each other and guess what he's putting at my lips

A home made meal

Lamb, lobster stuffed with a shrimp stuffing, crabs, spinach, hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, lemon meringue pie, and I'd wash it all down with coke, sprite, orange soda, and english breakfast tea lots of half/half lite on the sugar.


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