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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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His eyes and his face.

His whole body that is a dumb question

His heart, his brain, his gold-flecked green eyes, his hands and his cute skinny legs.

If it were one thing it would have to be her beautiful eyes ~ if it were two, everything else that's wonderful about her!

His arms. I would hate to not be able to be hugged and held.
Her eyeS, her smile. Her butt. 😝
Male, 41-50 years, Married, AZ, US | Jan 25, 2013

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His blue eyes, his gentle voice and his strong hands to massage me with!

Lips and eyes

hm... your left arm. - what a stupid question!
Noooo changed my mind! HAIR!
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Jan 26, 2013

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Her eyes

Dat ass. No really, her smile.. It can change my entire day with one smile

His arms bc I love being wrapped up in them

Talking wouldn't be the same without her eyes.

His arms :) and his buff ass chest. I love being in his arms and burying my head in his chest. I love his furry sewn up ears also. Oh and that gobble neck ;)

His warm hands.

Honestly, and im not just saying this, i am completely and utterly in love with every single inch of him. From his bright, dark green eyes, to his adorable nose, to the way his knuckles look, to his sexy stomach all the way down to his ankles, i am obsessed with all of him.

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