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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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Her butt

well I need your hands, to feel me hold me and intertwine w mine..I need your eyes to tell me evrything your heart can't say.. I love ur blonde spot.. I need your feet along w all the other ticklish spots to make u smile when ur down.. UH, I'm gonna have to go with... I can't live without any part of you. I love all of you!!

Her heart. It keeps her ticking and alive. So that organ is the one bit I could not do without. Anything that keeps that mind working and smile beaming is the most important thing to keep.

Her bottom!!!

His brain

Lips/mouth. Otherwise I wouldn't get to talk with him, see his smile or kiss ;)

I love everything about my sweetie, but his chest and arms are amazing, his hands are wonderful, and one of my favorite parts is the crook right between his shoulder and his neck that when he holds me against him, my head fits absolutely perfectly in. lets me know that we are a definite match :))

Her brain. She's intelligent, remembers everything I forget, great sense of humor, and gives friendship that surpasses all other friends I've ever had. I couldn't live without her brain the part that makes her who she is

HIS HANDS! There's something so sexy about feeling his big hand wrap around mine. It makes me feel safe.

My boyfriend said my boobs lol I said his butt haha

His heart and jovial nature. And his roman like body tall and strong legs and locks of soft curls.

I couldn't do without her.......period.
Stop making me look bad!
Female, 31-35 years, Engaged, CA, US | Dec 23, 2012

Well, I could do without my period! That pesky bitch!
Female, 31-35 years, Engaged, CA, US | Dec 23, 2012

Haha how am I making you look bad?
Male, 36-40 years, Engaged | Dec 23, 2012

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The part that is my partners body. N/A. All of him.

Her eyes

All of him 😉

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