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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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His arms. which is why I demand to be held at night

Her soul. I love the physical things. but those can all be changed. She has a magical sweet soul.

Your hands... I don't think I could live without my tickles and massages ;)

Her butt;)

I need all of it! Her gorgeous blue/green eyes, that mesmerize me and steal away my heart and soul; that beautiful smile, which can melt the ice caps as it melts my heart; those long sexy legs, when she wraps them around me, how they can warm me even on the coldest nights; and of course, all the sexy parts, but even so, one part isn't anymore important than another!! I need all of her!

His arms bc I need him to hold me.

All of her. I love her so much, until recently, I took for granted that she knew. It took me almost losing her to see the writing on the wall. Never again will that happen. I love you SRH!!

Her brain

Those lips!

his tounge

Her smile
His strong arms
Female, >50 years, Married | Dec 21, 2012

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Her beautiful blue eyes and that adorable smile that she hates so much ;)

His cock! XD

His side burns and his blue green bright eyes and his little smile

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