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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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His hands. I love his touch :)
Thank you! I love touching you, writing on your back with my fingers, thoughts and dream, sponging it away with my hand, and writing again and again:)
Male, >50 years, Married, ID, US | Mar 02, 2014

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"The leg!"

Is this like a cannibalistic answer or what?

All of him!

I love her butt! Butt, seriously she's really beautiful. But i think after knowing her as well as i do I'm more attracted to her as a whole, than just her amazing bod.

The brain.

All of her id miss her sooo much

Ummmmmm...... His mind 😄. And his head 😜
I see the little winky face
Male, 41-50 years, Married | Feb 16, 2014

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Her back and hands

It would be weird talking to her on skype if she had no head...


His head

I like you must have your hand to touch me. Your touch revives me, heals me.

Big fan of her boobs, but lately her butt has seemed extra nice

I've said it before but I can elaborate. Her face is a key element, but really her cheeks make me melt and they always will do it for me 😄

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