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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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them thighs, his eyes, brain,

ha ha he knows!!!! yummy Marcelo...... when we get really old then it will be a different story... but for now is his big big yummy love making machine:))))

Her eyes.

I can't pick one. :(
Probably his lips.. Or eyes. Or face.

Her eyes

His hair. If he didn't have it we would be over. Lol

his muscular arms to hold me and give me back massages :)

Her smile

Psh. If I can't have him all, I don't want him at all! Don't tease me with a partial package.

Sigh his lips <3
Hahahahahah her hair in my mourh
Male, >50 years, Dating, CA, US | Jul 18, 2013

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I miss all of him

Her brain hahahahahahahahaha :)

Lips to kiss... Fingers to touch... Arms to grab

Her wit?

Eyes. No mouth. No eyes. No mouth. No eyes. I can't decide

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