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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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I will do with nothing less then the entire body


Her lips!! I LOVE the way they feel on mine and she has an AMAZING SMILE THAT BRIGHTENS MY DAY EVERY TIME I SEE IT ; )

Lips, cakes and thighs lol.

All of him. But if I have to narrow it down I'm going to go with his arms.

really? I couldn't do without which body part?
I need her whole, 100% and nothing less. she's the whole package and I love her from top to bottom and front to back.


I couldn't do without him..which includes all the parts..but I have a thing for his hair ;)

sus brazos

His hands. I would miss his lips and his delicious kisses, and I would miss "other parts" but if he could hug me and touch me...I'd be okay.

Um....I cant live without any of him. I need his whole being and body :P

His brain and eyes - oh and his rock hard calves.

Zijn mond zonder een echt lekkere zoen zou ik niet kunnen

Brain (but don't think that is the intent of the question). So the following are all tied for my answer(eyes, face, those breasts to go with that great @$$!!!!

gee, which woman's bodypart(s) can't do without? LOL!

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