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Who is more romantic, you or your partner?

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Lol me probably :)

My partner for sure

I am betting you are. I think you are more tenderhearted.

He is😂 I try but it isn't that great

Me. Definitely me. Or at least in my head anyway. Probably me though.
You don't get to see what goes on in my head though :P
Male, <20 years, Dating | Jan 10, 2016

Well you think you are more romantic?
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Jan 10, 2016

I don't know, probably not.
Male, <20 years, Dating | Jan 10, 2016

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I think her. We compliment each other very well.
Hmmm... That's debatable. I'm a huge closet romantic but he takes my hand, pulls me to the middle of the dining room, and slow dance with me while singing the lyrics into my ear. Does it get better than that?
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, FL, US | Jan 25, 2016

For the majority of the time, the sing the lyrics incorrectly. LOL. I can tell when I say it wrong because she smirks a bit.
Male, 36-40 years, Dating | Jan 25, 2016

I smirk because I think you're adorable.
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, FL, US | Jan 25, 2016

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Not sure just yet, I think we both have our strengths and it will be amazing.

Me although I have adjusted to his 'settings '. I do think romance is a bit like humour- the person may not always relate to certain features in the same way
Certain TYPES not features! Eg. He always offers to make breakfast if he has time which feels more functional than for eg. picking a small flower from our garden and putting it next to my morning apple or banana
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 11, 2016

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You for sure😘

Oh, he definitely is. He's all about the mush and I'm just over here like, "Give me a slice of pizza and we'll be good."

Partner :)


definitely my partner

Definitely me

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