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Who is more romantic, you or your partner?

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Him only because it's super easy for guys to be romantic.

I believe that were both romantic but in different ways. I think that you are romantic in smaller ways but more often, so you surprise me much more, like those biscuits the other day or when you took me to the little garden. However I think I do larger romantic gestures but less often such as Iceland or cooking a three course meal for you.

Probably me but it seems until after our change it was going unnoticed

I love watching romantic things, but he is by a long shot


Well I think I am but he does cute little things that I take note of. Plus I keep all the love notes he's left me.


My love is for sure, but I'm workin on it

Definitely me!

I am winning so far in that category!

I would be if she let me! But she believes I am not being genuine!

My partner is more romantic. But she teaches me more everyday!

Me 😔

My partner
Can't argue with that lol ❤️😘😉💋
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Sep 30, 2015

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I would say I am but she loves it so it makes me happy.

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