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What "perfect date" would you like to have with your partner?

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A night with champagne, no cellphones, walking holding hands...

A day off from work. waking up slowly. going outside to travel and eat in nature and just speak calmly with each other, hold your hand and be there 100% for you
what are you doing march 9th?
Male, 21-25 years, Engaged | Feb 02, 2016

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Room dark with only one candle on illuminating the whole room with her tied up on the bed. Shes blind folded with red lingerie with silk robe and she has high heels on with red lip stick completely ready for me to have sex with her with her toy next to her ready for me to use it on her... but thats just a thought

The one I'm going to purpose on and the same one she says yes to me.

Just us, under the stars, glass of wine and a blanket, I would love that

Going to a nice dinner, and ending the night with an activity that we both can enjoy ourselves (i.e.: putput, lazar tag, arcade etc)
Great answer!!
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Mar 10, 2016

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Pizza and films in a blanket fort.

Well any date is perfect with her, but we haven't had our picnic yet so I'm looking forward to that!
Aw I'm excited about that too! Maybe when I'm in Rochester?!
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NJ, US | Apr 27, 2016

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Netflix and chill

jajajaja otra de esas y me corto las venas con galletas marias XD
soy muy de fechas lo admito, me gusta que me sorprendan y que sean espontaneos claro, en el amor creo que cualquier dia puede volverse especial... pero... si soy de las que les encanta celebrar que el aniversario, que el dia del amor y la amistad, los cumpleaños...etc...
y me guistaria encontrar a alguien que comparta eso conmigo...
en si que comparta mi filosofia de vida es lo que quiero.

One that never ends.

Just being together. I love it when he plans things. A little romance. But our Boston weekend getaway will be the best date weekend :)
Ideal date is really just being with her. Getting food, playing with her dog, cuddling and just being cute with each other. Everything else is icing on an already very romantic date :)
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, NY, US | Dec 03, 2015

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No phones and walking under the streetlights holding hands, just talking to each other and enjoying each other.

A delicious dinner out in a nice restaurant with lots of wine, then a stroll back through the busy streets of the south of France or Italy and then have a drink in the balcony at home and chat and laugh xx

Anything with him

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