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What "perfect date" would you like to have with your partner?

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Any time I can have with you babe I hate how far away we are and that we can't be together all the time. I miss you so much and just want you to hold me

Our first date!!! Definitely the BEST first date ever!!!

Dinner, ice cream at Maggie moos, walking down by the river hand in hand

camping on the beach

Doesn't matter as log as she is there... I know she likes to dress up so has to be upscale place... Chick fila maybe?!
The day I know is coming will likely be the best date of our lives so I am looking forward to that
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, MD, US | Dec 11, 2014

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Honestly as far as dates and such I am not all that picky to begin with. At this point just being able to watch Tv together on the same couch or something sounds lovely to me. :)

Just answered this

Discovering a new, exotic location with each other. Somewhere like the lagoon in Riviera Maya but no so family friendly ;-)
Then we would get cleaned up, have a nice dinner, and then snuggle on the beach (exfoliation a bonus). Lol
Nice breakfast by the sea in the AM.
Wow, that's actually a long date!! 😘

Something very romantic, probably food, beach, perhaps a small cocktail bar, etc

The best dates are snuggle movie dates at home.

Our first date! over and over and over again!

Just chill at home, eat good food and watch some TV :).

A candlelight dinner that he probably ordered in with wine for me, and maybe for him too if he wants, that ends with a light dessert and maybe some sexy time if we are at that point in the relationship.

Just being Able to spend a whole day together and doing anything fun that we enjoy and her not be on her phone the whole time

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