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What "perfect date" would you like to have with your partner?

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I would like to cook her a surprise candlelight dinner and converse properly while enjoying the food. Then I would like to bring her to bed and make love with her.

26th and California... Cell block "D"

dinner, good wine, dancing to a live band and then some wild sex to end the night - all with my amazing handsome hubby

I would like something romantic were I can get all dolled up and do something just is no kids and were I don't have to plan something. Maybe involve some flowers or candlelit dinner. Just to feel appreciated for all I do.

In a tropical place. With what you said.

A nice dinner out, to be treated like a lady, a lady he desires, that I am truly honored and cherished - and come home to bed and let me know I am also desired

Sitting on a deck of an over the ocean bungalow in the island of Moorea conversing over a nice glass of coca cola

Going somewhere we have never been before, preferably to be one with nature (or a nudist colony!) XD

Message table set up deep in the woods near a river.

Major date back to hawaii

Tarde de cine, un par de cervezas después y una bueno noche de sexo al final :D

I would like to snatch him off his work early and go somewhere to have a drink and chill out...then move on to a next place and have dinner on candle light and just look at each other and talk for hours, then go for a walk together and look at the stars and finally going home and cuddling and making love and just staying awake afterwards to talks or scratch each other's heads :)

Smewhere on a beach. Music, beer, campfire, a sheet on the sand...clear stary night and the two of us watching the waves.

Any date with my baby love is purrfect! Candle lit dinner at a classy restaurant with just us, no other people. No kids, no phones no electronic devices whatsoever!!! Just her n I n great food by a fireplace. A room with a hot tub and well ya know...... ily mmj ttu

A candle light dinner (that I fix) on private island or boat in south pacific. Then a long walk on beach or boat tour of a deserted island

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