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What "perfect date" would you like to have with your partner?

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Shalimar warriors game and her next to me

Heerlijk avond eten en lekker in een hotel op bed tv kijken en vrijen

Send the kids to another home for the day and night. go in a long bike or kayak ride, back to the house to have take out dinner from one of our favorite non-kid restaurants. Watch a comedy or chick flick on the couch without distraction. Couple massage exchange and then time for some sexy time.

a perfect date for me would be a candlelight dinner on the beach watching the sunset someplace warm with my wife leading up to a intimate evening-And it lasts for a week

Being lazy together

Big Italian dinner, somewhere with dim lighting, including coffee and cake afterwards, followed by a concert, followed by drinks on (or by) the water.

Drinks at Home, followed by dinner, and then off to a live performance play.

Going somewhere in nature, just the two of us, camp out, walk around, swim and spend the night :)
HahahhHH well we wake up together energized for once and we are happy and not tired and then we pull a "Martinez bathroom" in the morning #mixingitup Then we eat shalimar Then we eat ice cream :) Then watch lord of the rings Then go to a warriors game have them win Then spend the night together just talking and hanging And then sleeping together :)
Male, >50 years, Dating, CA, US | Jul 18, 2013

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Doing nothing together...


would love to take her a lake and just sit on he tailgate and look at the sky

just being alone on a beach with our books and being able to sleep the next morning until 12

Dinner and then a jazz concert at World One then staying overnight at a nice Hotel in Austin :))

To kayak the Chicago river in the morning and visit the MCA or art institute in the afternoon!

A perfect date with my hubby, would be a day that I don't have to plan for anything. We would go to dinner, he would make me laugh until my cheeks hurt, go dancing, movies, anything really so as long as I am laughing with my favorite guy. Oh and no phone, that would be perfect for me.

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