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What's something new that your partner taught or showed you?

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Kingdom of hearts :)
The science behind all sorts of runners gear :) plus she introduced me to Indian foods :p
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, NY, US | Dec 08, 2015

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That im not a total nightmare and that I do have a soft side really
A whole new level of happiness that I could never have imagined
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 01, 2016

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The different kinds of running shoes, and their different components :p

That people really can change for the better 😊

How to have hope when there seems to be none.

What it's like to actually open up and talk about conflicts or anything, and feel good after. He gets mad at me, sure, but he never pushes me away or anything. Emotionally or physically. If anything he pulls me in closer.

I tend to be good at big things. Like how to plan finances for a major purchase, or how to navigate a foreign country. I get lost at the small things though. The details and the things that require patience. My partner shows me new viewpoints and how to navigate the small decisions. How to be open to possibilities I hadn't considered instead of being stuck on one path. I see the road and how to drive it. He sees the trees alongside it and invites me to stop and have a picnic among them. It's one

She has taught me in a very short time, to be more confident and comfortable with my goals and things I want to achieve. She may not know it but she has been a guiding light for me so much recently, in both our relationship and my daily routine ❤️
I'm thankful that I could help you feel more confident in your goals. And I'm so proud of you for pursuing them. Not everyone has enough courage to just go for it like you do. You've taught me plenty babe. You've taught me that all men aren't bad. That there are goods ones out there and I was lucky enough to find you. That I shouldn't have given up on finding something great Bc it does exist and we've found it. That it is possible for someone to return with full force all that I give. That I can be seen for who I really am, Bc you see me that way, more than anyone ever has. That i can be emotional and soft. Even when I don't want to Bc. Bc I'm sitting in my classroom w tears in my eyes as I'm thinking of us and writing this. You are my blessing. You are my ❤️. You are my sweet handsome man😘 and I am so grateful for you and all that you bring to our relationship❤️ You've also taught me how to do laundry. If only I could take your advice😉😘
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, LA, US | Jan 29, 2016

Lol the laundry 😂😂😂
Male, 41-50 years, Dating | Jan 29, 2016

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It's simple to be with someone, especially if there is an understanding that the way you treat each other is reciprocated, both in tone and verbally. I've never dated someone so kind before, it just makes what seemed difficult, really simple.
This relationship has taught me that too. It's easy and simple! Sometimes that's not always the best thing, but it's exactly what I needed in my life when you came around. You're like my little rock. ☺️Knowing what I know now, I wish I'd experienced a healthy, positive relationship a long time ago but then again, timing is everything. You've made me raise the bar as far as expectations in people. I can't wait to see where we are in a year or 2 from now. :) Loves uuuu 😘
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Apr 14, 2016

The feelings mutual babe.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Apr 14, 2016

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That I am not who my brain tells me I am, nor am I who my step father claimed I'd be.

Parking patience

por el se que no es tan malo salir de noche jejeje

How to live a better, healthier life. How to let my guard down and let someone in. Taught me how to love someone more than I could ever think was humanly possible. I love you, babe.

To eat Kubor raw :P I love her because we are complementary and even though sometimes we have different opinions on a subject, I love hearing her arguments and discussing with her. It is nice to see how see thinks and sees the world

To keep going and believe in myself.

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