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Do you enjoy being made a fuss of?

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Only from my girl 😘

It depends on the situation, I like when you make a fuss of me

I think I love it, but at the same time it makes me feel uber awkward.

Yep only from boyfriend

Most of the time, unless I'm just not in the mood.

Sometimes. It makes me feel special when he is all sweet fussy about how pretty he thinks I look or how much he loves me.

Only from PJ 😳

I don´t.
Me neither
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Dec 23, 2017

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Sometimes. I don't like being pitied but I like being taken care of when times are hard.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 05, 2016

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Not really. I like when my wife and I can share undivided attention, but that's different than having a fuss made over me. I tend to get embarrassed when that kind of thing happens.

I don't need to be made a fuss of to know she loves me. I do however enjoy little things she does like change her insta icon.

Sometimes I do. It feels good to be pampered every once in a while. To have her be so generous with her time and so selfless makes me feel loved.

Yes when he does it

Only by my private 😉

Hee,no para nada

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