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Are your most romantic memories recent or long-gone?

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long gone

When we began the relationship

my most romantic memories have been the past 7 months with my husband! I have never felt this kind of love so this is the real deal and all the memories are with him.. te amo Marcelo

Long gone

I have a lot of romantic memories. Mostly in the past.

I love him more and more each day

Recent. For sure

Our time together in KL was pretty recent, only 2 months ago <3

Long gone

Their long gone which I am sad about but I'm hopeful for getting much more in my life.

recent. I still remember our first trip together to Cedar Point like it was yesterday. Our first real date taking her out in my home town. And now the recent memory of surprising her for her Birthday


Somewhere in the middle

We have romantic moments all the time. I love him more everyday and he is a very romantic partner so we ride the romance wave quite often!

Very recent! This morning was very romantic as wonderful! :-)

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