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Are your most romantic memories recent or long-gone?

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Long gone

I think I've had sum recent and sum that has been long gone

a year or so ago...


Both hahah

Definitely recent. We have many romantic moments.

recent for sure, we make our own romantic moemnts by opening our eyes and letting the magik in.

Honestly, up until last night... I would have said long gone. But after spending last night together, I would say that is one of the most romantic nights we have had. Between playing songs that reminded us of one another, talking about our individual and relationship goals, and going on a nice little walk through campus... I have started to feel a romance that I know we have been lacking for a bit.

Some o the best ones are long gone- but we have had smaller recent ones, hope they get bigger😋

A mixture of both :))))

Recent.... ;)


Hard to say.. I think they're dispersed evenly through out the year and 8 months. :)

Recent <3

Unfortunately long gone... There seems to be a disconnect and I don't know how to fix it. It's like we both went in two different directions and apparently I'm bad with maps because I can't seem to find the road back.
This is a difficult situation to read here on the stream, but there is a positive in your statement. You have at least identified you have lost your way. . . and identification is the first step. It is a great way to figure out where to go and make changes.
Male, 41-50 years, Dating, Gay, CA, US | Aug 07, 2013

That is so sweet :-) thank you
Female, >50 years, Married, FL, US | Aug 09, 2013

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