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When you first met your partner, what was it that made you want more?

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Her personality

We just get on so well, we just know what is important to each other and it helps we adore each other x

To be perfectly honest, it was her looks. When I first saw her I got this intense feeling of attraction that I had never felt before. It was like this unshakable feeling of attraction, lust, and love. I couldn't stop thinking about her, so I decided that pursuing a relationship was the best course of action.

She had a glow about her and to me, she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I remember looking at her and it took my breath away.

I knew almost immediately that he was a kind, sweet, and genuine person. That is the most attractive thing and made me want to get to know him more. I was also jealous of the girl he was with immediately and couldn't figure out why. Only to find out she was his sister. Then he clicked immediately with my dog which is the tell take sign.
Not gonna lie, her dog warming up to me so fast was the first sign to me to go forward. Our eyes kinda met while petting him, and I just sort of knew, and my heart started going crazy. Every time I saw her, I found more to love about her, and I eventually grew a a pair to talk with her about it. But her dog was definitely the first sign
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, NY, US | Dec 03, 2015

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We both are in the education field. The way he works with students and his passion for education was endearing. When I first laid eyes on him he was playing basketball with a non verbal SPED student who loves basketball. The laughter between the two pulled me in and made me ask who he was and want to get to know him better.

Just by looking at you, I knew you and I were both taken at the time. But, as time went on, I never stopped keeping tabs on you wondering what it would be like to be with you. The thought of that made me want you. The wait was well worth it.
First time I met you in person. I remember standing there when you came to get us and thinking after all that has gone down today he still would show up to pick up a bunch drunk girls. I knew you were you pretty different but also pretty taken. Haha. Since then I've always had a crush you 😉
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Dec 19, 2015

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The way she looked at me. The way she put her hands in the bottom of her shirt in a kind of shy way. There was just something about her. Still is.

The incredible sex! And the way we could just talk about anything and everything for so many hours and understand each other completely.

Loving attitude, sweet sexy voice, passion for God, beautiful eyes and behind closed doors naughtiness.
Awe baby 💋 thank you! Lady in the street but a freak in the sheets ;)
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Dec 14, 2015

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His dedication and love for his niece. Not just in words but stepping up and being a man in caring for her.

The sex and the chemistry between us. I felt like I wanted to love her forever

he would not back down! even when I pushed him away and made it seem like we weren't compatible! he still kept trying to find a way in!

Everything with her seems so natural, there's never been a point with her that I've had to stop and second guess myself. Since day one we've been a perfect fit :)

He's so fucking interesting, and I learn more about him every day. He just is astonishing, and everything he does is extremely fascinating.
When you convinced me I was going to be okay within the first our we talked
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

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