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When you first met your partner, what was it that made you want more?

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How easy it was with him

She had a great reveling dress!

His enthusiasm. He had the best first impression. Never have I ever had someone be more excited to meet me.

Initially, it was just the ease of the conversation the back-and-forth only seconds in between, it was the way she worded things the way she punctuated things, the way She made me feel after only texting for a few days was nothing I ever felt before in my life

You were really funny

Absolutely everything.

His personality and demeanor... Since it was a remote conversation and he is far away so I could not see his handsome self :).

I would say his whole culture, since we're from completely opposite places. I wanted to not only get to know and love him, but his family too because they love him so much and I don't have that. I guess in short I was curious.

Her smile

His smile, his sense of humor and his personality. I felt like I could be at home with him.

Your smile and the way your eyes light up when you laugh. You've also always had a smoothness about you that made just know that you knew how to treat a girl and I never stopped wanting an opportunity to experience that. I definitely have not been let down 😊

The fact that he was emotionally open and real with me!

Everything about him - especially when he wanted more of me too

Your eyes and your smile. When I would look into your eyes my heart would melt. It still does. I could tell there was more to you than you were letting out and I wanted to find out what that was.
I didn't know I made your heart melt then 😊😊
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Aug 27, 2015

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His smoothness, tolerating capacity, and warm talking way.

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