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Around the house, what jobs does your partner do that you hate?

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We dont live together hurray yippee wohooo

Hij doet alles buiten ik doe veel binnen maar we wonen niet samen

We dont live together yet so cant answer this one.

I do most of the jobs...haha...and the one I really hate is cleaning the oven, and our cleaner does that!

Not sure yet haha..since we don't really share a house ...not yet anyways ;))

Dusting and folding the laundry.

We don't live together yet

fold up wet towels
Gallons of water in the bedroom
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, Bi | Jul 14, 2013

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Not much

Gallons of water in the bedroom

I hate the fact that she does no job around at all

Take out the trash

Vacuuming and killing bugs!


We don't live together haha

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