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Do you need nagging to get things done?

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Probably not

yes a lot and still I am not sure if I ll get it done.

No, but Hayleigh does ;) ;)

Sometimes yes :)

Hahahah hahahahahahahaha omg made my day

Ofc not! Ain't nobody got time for thay

Nope, tell me once and it'll stick.

Sometimes. Other times I get pissy and mad. I'm just moody.


No. I don't think I nag. I feel it's constructive criticism.

In general, but it more depends on what needs to get done (or rather what's wanted of me)


Yeah, I procrastinate alot - some things i avoid cause I don't like to do them or i get lazy sometimes

I'm not a multitasker & I have a terrible habit of focussing on one talks at a time!
she might not need to be reminded but I do sometimes.
the majority of the time my brain is filled with thoughts of work or improvement.
and if I compete...I have a tendency to get tunnel vision!

I hate nagging I really do but I think it's just another way to vent wats on ya mind just with a lil more passion

Not really depends on what it is some times yes I need it lol

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