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What part of your partner's face do you like the most? What part of your face do you like the most?

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Her almond eyes, mouth, teeth, face curve.. I love everything about it.

I think I like my eyes and eyebrows most

Eyes for both.

Either her luscious lips or beautiful honey brown eyes

la parte de sus labios y de mi cara mis ojos

Both of us: our lips. Because when they touch, it's one of the best things in the world

I like her perfect, show stopping smile because it lights up the room and it's so big and it just radiates happiness. I don't like much about my face... I guess I like my jawline.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, MI, US | Nov 06, 2015

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I love her overall face. I love her hair, I love her eyes and I love her nose (and her 3 moles on her cheek). For me, I would say my eyes.

His smile 😀 and his happy eyes

I love her eyes they are gorgeous 😍 Asa movie character said " you eyes are amazing, I bet you can see right through

Her beautiful eyes and smile!

If I had to pick I guess my eyes

Your smile. It's the best and it lights up my world. Idk what my best feature is

Your blue eyes but I know the way your mouth can kiss me so I am a little obsessed with your crooked as grin too!!

I like her eye the most but her lips are a very close second. I find myself staring at them form time to time. For me i would pick my lips if i could only they werent chapped half the time.

I like her eyes. And her lips. Her dimples. Her nose. Cheeks. Chin. Forehead. Everywhere else. I guess I like my eyebrows.

Me encantan sus ojos y su boca... de la mia me gusta mi cara en si, los ojos mas jeje

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