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What's your favorite kind of food? Your partner's?

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Pizza. Hers is Mexican I think...

We both love sushi.

He loves pizza, anything deep fried with bacon and cherry pie.

With the exception of sushi... I like whatever I feel like having at a given moment.

Our son loves his peas and carrots. :)

Anything related to bread and cheese, so Italian I suppose, Pizza and Chinese food are his favs.

I love Hispanic food, mainly Puerto Rican and Spanish. We like a little bit of everything, Italian, American, Asian etc.

pizza, Mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, steak, basically anything with cheese!
He has a sweet tooth and will eat anything except processed foods!

I love all food. Anything Asian especially viet. But basically all Asian is good. Lets see hmm she likes sushi.

Mine all kinds as long it's vegetarian. Partners pizza and potatoes of all forms.

Mexican probably but a good BBQ rocks too. She likes deserts and wine

SPAGHETTI!!!!!!!! I like a lil of everything though


Pizza there's so many kinds! Hers is prob spaghetti

He loves pizza, steak, fish,and just about any meat smoked. Me I love spaghetti, Blt, soup, enchiladas,...

mia.. huevitos.. con todo! joojojjoo.. de mi mujer... mhmmmmm... sincronishanguis? mhmmm... fondue!!!! :) taquirris? mhmmm... pizzishanguis? jojooj :*

Mine is Mexican or anything spicy. He likes all kinds of food, he doesn't have a favorite

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