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What's your favorite kind of food? Your partner's?

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Mexican / Mexican

I am definitely a meat and potatoes guy, and fillet mignon would be high on my list. The first food that came to mind for my partner is cupcakes!

Indian! Or anything vegan. And if he could live off bread and chocolate, he would!
Thai isn't vegetarian
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Jan 09, 2013

But not naturally , you have to ask
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Jan 09, 2013

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Omfg all food. I love Italian food, chocolate, CHEESE, nutella. He likes nachos and uhm HOT DOGS, boston cream donuts, Oh and junior chicken burgers from McDonald's :P

Me pasta him burgers lol

Probably chicken in most forms, my lady likes soup and potatoes.

Sushi my hubby Mexican

I love spicy food and french. He loves italian and beef bowl

Favorite? Ah- too many. Moms cooking is my favorite, can't buy that! But I also live, Indian, Thai, Chinese, American and Italian. His is Mexican. Notice that's not on my list ;)

Anything food wise. I love food.

She likes shrimpies and pizza

Mexican or Chinese

Sushi, and most things Asian. Him-steak and potatoes
Steak. Potatoes. And for her, sushi. And dessert.
Male, >50 years, Married | Jan 21, 2013

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Chicken nuggets and cereal, his is everything his mom cooks (which i do admit is the bomb-diggity)

Hers Chinese.... Mine burgers

Steak and mexican. My partner's Sushi

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