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How does it feel to be told, 'I love you'?

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It depends. I hear my wife and mother in law say "I love you" at the end of their phone conversations, but I am pretty sure they are just going through the motions - there is no meaning behind it. When there is meaning behind it - when you know your partner really means what she says - that heavenly. And, if there is more to the conversation (I love you when you ____" or "I love you because ___________.," that is just incredible.

As Florence Welch putts it "the heart is hard to translate". But it feels something like a supernova happening in my heart and my heart bursts open with a sonic boom following. The force is so great, though, that it pulls my heart back together so that I 1) stay alive and 2) can experience all over again.
I like your description even better!
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, Bi | Mar 18, 2013

<3 merci!
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, Bi, CA, US | Mar 18, 2013

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It feels good to be told but I'd rather be shown...not with gift or material things. Gestures are good.

Great when it is authentic.

It feels like my heart is floating and, for a moment, my worries disappear.

Makes me melt

It brings me peace and satisfaction and makes my heart love even more. It's like gravity doesn't hold me to the earth, it's him.

Great when you believe it.

Fantastic but actions always speak louder than words. I know he loves me by the way he treats me.

It can feel wonderful or it can feel uncomfortable depending on how you feel about the person and what the rest of the relationship is like.

:) i love it

It feels amazing, especially when it's at the right moment.

okay babes(all a youz) lemme break it down for you
<"i love you" in the morning and i'm still half asleep. I might be too tired to reply, but ditto. Now let me cuddle with you.
<"I LOVE you, but-" in the middle of a fight. Go jump off a brigde with no water on the bottom.
<"I love you" holding my hand in public, especially over a table in a restaurant. :) Perfect.
<"I love you" after crying . I have no idea what going to happen. but hug.

It feels great moment... I noticed we say it a lot but that's ok too:)

Make my heart and body warm to sensation

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