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How does it feel to be told, 'I love you'?

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Great wish it was a real statement instead of just away to say good night

Depends who says it. When its my baby saying it it hits me straight in the heart. Every single time.
Yup, this feeling is extremely mutual❤
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, BC, CA | Jan 21, 2013

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By someone I know isn't being honest? Betrayed ... By someone who's family or a friend ?? Sweet .... By someone who means it but who I don't love ... Guilty ... By someone go means it and I love him ?? Peaceful, happy :) really feels good..

Warm and fuzzy :) it's amazing how those three words have so much meaning. I feel more when i say it though.

Makes my knees weak, makes my heart race, makes me light headed, and makes me have the biggest smile.

There's no other feeling like it. Makes me feel cared for and thought of and that I make a difference in another's life.
You big old softy
Male, 31-35 years, Dating | Jan 28, 2013

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To be told it -mehh.. But to listen and feel it when she says it! There's nothing like it in the world.

I like it when there's a pause in conversation and she subtly says it to break the silence; it means a lot more when she says it to me and I can see it in her eyes

I really like it when it comes from my wife.

It makes my loud happy

Being loved is the best feeling in the world.

:) all I can say!!!!

It makes you feel important to that person


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