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How does it feel to be told, 'I love you'?

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It feels great when I know they mean it...and we know we love eachother equally its amazing...indescribable closeness with someone else if youve experienced it...if not youre missin out but anyway if they're not sure or if they're just saying it out of habit it kind of looses meaning. I wish the English language had more words for love like Japan does.

Good, but not as good as being shown.

It feels great. Especially knowing that it comes from someone who truly means it

All fuzzy inside

It feels out of this world amazing

It's great. The best feeling in the world

Amazingly good

It feels great especially when it's heartfelt & unsolicited & not a response (i.e. I love you too) or the last thing said before shutting off the phone on a plane.

Like drinking Olive Juice. It's awesome!!

I feel accepted and the words warm my soul.

If feels so great knowing that someone else loves you as much as you love them

It feels great because I don't hear it often.

That depends on who tells me that. If it is my girlfriend, then it feels great.

Really good but part of me doesn't believe I deserve it.

Always makes me giddy like a school girl. No matter how many times he tells me it still puts butterfly's in my tummy , warmth in my heart and a smile in my face

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