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Do you prefer to initiate sex or have it initiated for you?

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I will like it to be naturally.

I'm always ready her not so much so I initiate as much as possible because she might say no a couple of times

I very much enjoy making love with him, but i do always prefer to feel like Im wanted :')

a little of both, love it when she decides to 'go for it'!

Depends on the mood

ummm all I see is ... Sex!

I prefer for him to initiate sex.

prefiero que lo inicie el

Why should I choose? Both are great!


I like spontaneity. But I also like being surprised. So it depends.

Depends on my mood. Usually I like when he comes onto me but sometimes I like to show him I'm just as interested and excited to please

Oh both for sure

Haha 50-50

Sorry I don't understand the question. All I said is I love sex with him

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