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What's something you do that bothers your partner, and that you are willing to change?

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Pretty much everything that's fixable. If it's not something dramatic I'll change it. I can't fix my face. But I can fix ignoring someone.

there is a a lot of things he hates about me. He hates that I assume a lot of things, that I get angry easily, that I don't measure what I say, that bring up things from the past, that I am not positive most of the time. pretty much he hates my temper. but I am working on it. i won't stop until it's over. i will do it for you babe.

not communicating enough

Being too brutally honest. She does not want to hear unpleasant things this way. So I try to manage it but it is hard for me because that is the way I was raised so it takes time to learn how to express things smoothly.

Dramatizo, soy pasiva, lloro mucho, le agobio cuando necesita espacio

no disrespect

I will put lids on more tightly and walk quieter in the morning

I am not as sensitive as him so I sometimes jokingly say things that are a little too mean, so I will try to be more aware of what actually bothers him.

Bitting him for fun and licking his face. He pretends not to care about it, but i know he does and that's why I keep doing it.

Being clingy and talking about the future

Criticizing you, getting angry for the way you respond, being impatient

I am trying not to be so defensive about things and respond instead of reacting. I'm also trying to communicate more effectively and clearly so that my wife understands what I'm communicating to her!
sus salidas
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 05, 2016

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I would better my listening skills. I tend to either forget what she told me to do or get caught in a thought and lose track of what she is saying. Im trying to get better at it.

How close I am with women in my life

I can be very forgetful, but I am trying to work on my memory.

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