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How do you feel about couples who use the bathroom together?

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Getting ready/showering is fine. Taking a dump is not.

Lol it's okay if it's showering, peeing or getting ready

I don't care. We're all human! ;)

It's cute. as long as it's just peeing and showering/ styling hah

That's gross. A relationship should feel romantic and sexy. I mean u should be comfortable but that might cross the line

Nah-ah. No! In case of real emergency only

Nope, never

Depends on what...😹

No problem

Showering, getting ready, peeing, but that's it!

More power to you lol

oh have fun :)) maybe it's amazing

Gross. I'm totally comfortable around him but I don't want him in the bathroom with me

Every couple is different. I walk in on him when he's in the bathroom because he takes forever and I miss him.

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