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How do you feel about couples who use the bathroom together?

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Showers yes. Getting ready fine. Peeing ehh tolerable. Pooping, oooohhHHH MY GOSH WHAT DID YOU EAT? DID A SNAKE EAT A HALF ROTTED OSTRICH AND THEN DIE IN YOUR STOMACH. just no :)

Nah! Only in case of real emergency
Male, 41-50 years, Engaged, FL, US | Feb 08, 2015

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Um gross


Jajajaja a mi no me gusta. Hacer caca es un momento especial para mi y me gusta hacerlo a solas . Además no creo que se aguantaría

There should always be some mystery in a relationship. Never. Ever. Ever.

I think it's fine but don't think my gf would agree

Peeing is ok, pooping is not!


completely agree! peeing is ok.

We've done this recently. There should be some time alone in bathroom and times together

Not a problem unless someone's taking a shit

shower yes, pee- if I don't have to hold yours ;) pooping. no. so door shut poo pouri and fart fan please!
aaaaaaand that's why I use kids bathroom now ;)
Female, 41-50 years, Married, UT, US | Jan 15, 2015

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Depends? Showers and baths are great, but not using the toilet...

we're okay with peeing in front of each other sooo

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