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How do you feel about couples who use the bathroom together?

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I love showers together but the rest is private

I love showers together but the rest is private

As long as they are not both sitting on the toilet together

that we have poop battles and everyone who doesnt use the bathroom together...they are weiiiird

I was told by an experienced marriage and family therapist (30 plus years experience with couples) that he noticed that couples who use the toilet in front of each other are often couples who are no longer aroused easily by each other. He speculated that that type of familiarity takes the mystery and excitement out of marriage. He strongly advised against it- he didn't think that it was wrong in any way-- just not conducive to mutual arousal.

Um.. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just Poo Pourri. I ain't even trippin.

Not the poop!

Yuck! I would love my privacy.

I don't mind

Not a fan of it albeit we do it

Eh it's whatever honestly I don't mind

Yuck yuck.

I love showers together but rest is private


Obvs not toilet. That's when individualism can reign freely, or pee freely.
you wouldn't pee in front of me?
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Jul 05, 2014

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