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What would your partner love to have whispered in their ear?

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Come here and wrap those long chocolate legs around me

He wouldn't want that at all

"You gonna watch me cum baby!?"
Ya got that right
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, NJ, US | Sep 26, 2012

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Something romantic and full of love!

I want you now! (maybe a bit more explicit than that?!?)

Honey, I did the dishes, grass is mowed, kids are bathed and in bed, dogs are fed, floors are swept and mopped, all you have to do is lay here and relax

I can't whisper in his ear because it tickles him too much And he acts like a big wimp

Let's go to the bedroom so I can have my way with you!!

Something sexually explicit and specific.

Something sexual

You don't have to work no more.. I got you
Trust me babe...that would be at the bottom of the list!! I would love hear how much you love and adore me, how much you enjoy our loving making, and how you look forward to making babies....things to that nature...all whispered softly in my ear.
Female, 36-40 years, Married | Sep 23, 2012

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Something explicit for sure

Something sexual or dirty.

Something positive I guess, I'm not sure anymore.

I'm all yours now, I love you, do you wan to have my baby?

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