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What would your partner love to have whispered in their ear?

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I just hit the lotto and are stupid rich so let's pay off our debts, buy land, build our dream house and fill it with kids and friends and family :)

Don't know
me: something to make me feel loved. partner: "How about right now"
Male, >50 years, Dating | Jan 26, 2013

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Honestly I have no idea no sure if he even gets turned on by me anymore

How bad I want him.

That I want him to lick my cheeks. Or that in love him.

"Come on honey, lets go do it." ;-)

That she's amazing and that I love her.

Doesn't need to be said but your beautiful

Duurrrrrty things
Maaaaybeh.... ;)
Female, 31-35 years, Dating, Bi | Jan 22, 2013

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"I pootied." :D

That he loves me and misses me. He can't stand the thought of not having me in his life so we should just runaway together now.

Anything to do with sex
Let's go upstairs
Take off your pants
Haha many many more

That she is the only one for me and that I love her. Also that I couldn't live without her

You mean the world to me
My life hasn't been the same since I've met you
Male, 41-50 years, Dating, MD, US | Jan 16, 2013

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I bought you some chewy chocolate chip cookies ;))

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