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If you weren't in a relationship with your partner, would you still want to hang out with them?

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If we were just still friends with nothing going on, yes definitely. But if we weren't together, no it would be too hard

Yes probably, but as soon as I would see his red mustang I would run away


definitely not

He'll know

Yes, he would still be my best friend but it would be hard to hide my feelings the whole time.

Yes!!! He would definitely be my best friend!! He's a great guy to be around and to have around!!



I would always love to see her and spend time with her

Yeah, but it would be hard to be stuck in the freindzone. She's the definition of a best friend.


Id love to say yes, however I feel that may be a lie. Before, I wouldn't want to hangout with her because I liked her. Haha

That's not a question. I just knew I had to make her my girlfriend.

Claro que sim, o abraço dela é fundamental após um dia estressante de trabalho

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